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I need to follow up with Mark. Return the Amazon package and then send my notes on the launch around to the team And can you make that a todo list
To-Do List:
- Follow up with Mark
- Return the Amazon package
- Send my notes on the launch to the team
(Transform into list)
The meeting is on Thursday. - Friday, Friday.
Remember that the meeting is on Friday.
(Implicit Correction)
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein. Put quotes on that.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein.
(Uses context to insert quotes)

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Aqua excels at producing usable text - not a rambling and bloated transcript.

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More accurate in realtime than Whisper large-v3.

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Ask Aqua to rephrase, shorten, or clean up your text while maintaining your tone.

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Forgot a name, word, fact, or number? Just ask Aqua to fill it in for you.

Filler Phrase Removal

Automatically removes unnecessary fillers for polished, professional writing.

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@aquavoice_ I just tried it for the first time - it's...wonderful. I am primarily a pen+paper note taker (and that'll continue) but sometimes I am looking to feed a concept to an LLM or a friend, and tend to ramble. Going back and fixing stuff naturally works astonishingly well.

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